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Hondys APP

  • Introduction to Hondys APP

    Hondys App is a remote lighting control software designed for Hondys tube and Hondys Pixels,It uses mobile hot spots as a bridge, using the International Protocol ART-NET,Through WLAN data communication, bring you convenient and efficient lighting control experience
  • Introduction to the functions of the interface of the Honda App ARTNET

    The Hondys App adds lighting fixtures to the layout for remote RDM control
  • Hondys APP music effects feature showcase

    Hondys APP music effects function, you can import audio, you can also choose to input audio according to the microphone, so as to produce special effects, you can freely adjust the parameters in the special effects
  • Hondys APP multiple music scene modes

    After importing music into the APP, or using the microphone to receive audio, you can click on different scene modes to present different effect modes
  • Hondys APP adds scenes and imports videos

    By selecting special effects and clicking Add to the scene list, the playing time of special effects can be set in the scene list, and the properties of special effects can be modified to achieve richer effects. Under the special effects module, video special effects can also be added to the APP
  • Hondys APP effect file save and effect file forward function

    After the Hondys APP has adjusted the parameters of the special effects, the presets can be saved for use next time, and the saved presets can be transferred to another device for sharing

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