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Support 2.4G WIFI transmission, remote control, distance up to 90m;
Implement USB PD3.0 fast charging standard, support 20V voltage charging;
Support synchronous and coordinated control of multiple battery lamps;
Support for manual/console/PC/APP control;
Built-in a variety of scene lighting effects;
Support nested installation, splicing and modeling is more convenient;
Many types of lampshades can be changed freely;

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    This product is a smart wireless LED lamp, adopts 2.4G WIFI wireless transmission, supports wireless ARTNET signal control, and the control distance can reach 60M;
    Supports button/APP/PC/console control, easy to use; It can realize various lighting effects such as monochrome, gradient, flowing water, jumping, dynamic, etc. Built-in multiple lighting modes, suitable for various scenes;
    Powered by rechargeable battery, supports PD3.0 fast charging protocol, the minimum working time of full power is 3 hours, and the minimum working time of power saving mode is 4.5 hours;

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